12 Things To Do While Being Stuck At Home With Kids

Written by The Schola Team

March 23, 2020

As the COVID-19 virus is causing us to stay home, it is difficult to find activities to do with your kids or find activities to keep your kids busy for a little bit so you have time to get some laundry done or maybe even a nap! Check out these ideas of some fun activities to do during your time stuck at home.

#1: Pull out some puzzles to start putting together

 Puzzles are a fun way to make the time go by fast and a great family bonding time! Putting a puzzle together helps your child’s brain to grow stronger while figuring out where certain pieces go. 

#2: Check out the animal live webcam at Monterey Bay Aquarium

The Monterey Bay Aquarium has lots of different live webcams you can look at and find some animals. You can watch animals like jelly fish, penguins, and sharks! These cams are a cool way to watch the animals live their everyday life! 

#3: Find some free coloring pages 

Coloring pages are a fun and easy thing to print out for your children to color and keep busy for a little while you can get a load of laundry in or even wash some dishes.  

#4: Play indoor hide and seek

Hide and seek is a child favorite. If you get a big game going as a whole family, it might be more fun! See who can find the best hiding spot! 

#5: Bake cookies or brownies together

Baking cookies or brownies together is a fun activity for little ones that have an interest in helping in the kitchen. Let them help you pour in the flour or sugar and let them help you stir the batter together. 


#6: Play a board game together

Do your children have a favorite board game? Grab a board game and play it together as a family. So many memories will be made when playing board games together. If your children are old enough, maybe even teach them your favorite board game as a child! 

#7: Build a fort with blankets in the living room

Building a fort is such a great activity to do in the morning so then your children can then play in it all day! Using blankets and couch cushions or a table and chairs is an easy way to make a fort. 


#8: Make slime and then play with it


There are many different types of slime but fluffy slime is so fun to play with!

All you need is:

3-4 cups of foam shaving cream

1/2 cup of Elmers Glue

1/2 TSP of baking soda

 1 TSP of saline solution

food coloring and  glitter optional

It’s that easy! Have fun making it and playing with it!


#9: Have a picnic inside on the living room floor

Making a fun lunch like peanut butter and jelly shapes with apple slices and carrots with ranch and eating on the floor on a picnic blanket would be a great memory for your children. This would be an exciting activity to do. 

#10: Play with magnets on a cookie sheet

Get a cookie sheet and collect some magnets for your children to play on. Use alphabet or number magnets to help your children learn while they are playing. 

#11: Make a maze on the floor with painters tape

A maze is a great way to keep your children busy. You can have them collect some cars and they can play with cars in it and make a little town. 

#12: Facetime or Skype family and friends

Facetiming or Skyping family and friends is a great way to stay connected with loved ones while we feel alone at home.  It is a great time to make sure everyone is safe and healthy and gives your children something to look forward to. 

We know this is a stressful time as everyone is at home and you are trying to keep everyone busy. We hope you enjoyed those ideas to do with your children while they are at home.

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